About 4000 km + 1 table

Mississauga and Kamloops (like most other pairs of cities in Canada) are very different and very far apart. Four thousand kilometres, give or take. It’s important to recognise our geography: Canada is a big place and the unique characteristics of each little corner play a big part in how we live our day-to-day lives, the weather, the things we do, the things we eat, the things that grow around us. There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’. That said, we also have a lot in common. Despite our distance, we wanted to do something together to celebrate, explore, experiment with, and share our common passion: good food shared with good people. Good food brings good people together, and good people come together and share good food, whether around the kitchen table, patio table, picnic blanket, campfire, or cookstove. [In our culture,] important discussions, crucial decisions, hysterical laughter, passionate dialogue, plans for the future, business strategy, and demonstrations of love and friendship and family often happen around a table of one form or another. These are important things in which food plays a big role, but we don’t spend nearly enough time really thinking about the food we eat, where it came from, who harvested and/or prepared it, and how it was prepared. Here, we think, write, and learn about food; across distances, one thing we all have in common.

Welcome to 4000 km + 1 table. We hope you visit, comment and share often.


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