About Amy & Kate

about Amy

My name is Amy and I have always loved food. My favourite foods are cheese, chocolate, avocado and eggs. I have an small kitchen with appliances that are older than I am and my workable countertop surface area is approximately 3 sqft. But this does not stop me from cooking and baking. My food heros include but are not limited to Jamie Oliver, Michael Pollan, Marion Nestle and Mark Bittman. I live in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I would love to share my experiences and enthusiasm with you.

about Kate

Kate started to become much more conscious of food when she flew across the ocean to do a graduate degree in sustainable development in September 2010. She thought, ‘ok, I’ve flown across the ocean in an aeroplane to learn about big problems like degrading ecosystems and unsustainable consumption and collapsing economies and other things related to too much flying across oceans in aeroplanes. Therefore,’ she thought, ‘I am going to at least try to make up for it by otherwise being as low impact as possible.’

One way to do this was to make smart decisions about food, so she became a compulsive label-reader, and quickly realised that ‘low impact’ is really difficult to do: food is mass produced, grows in places it’s probably not meant to grow, sprayed, spliced, has strange things added to it, is over-packaged, and is flown/shipped/trucked in from thousands of miles away. This is how she began to really think about food.

Kate loves to build meals out of what she already has in the fridge and cupboards, or what is growing nearby, a love that recently lead her to develop an enthusiasm for root and winter vegetables – parsnip! carrot! potato! beets! – and kale. She probably gets a little too excited about ‘symbiotic cooking’: when she can use ‘waste’ or ‘reject’ ingredients or energy from one meal or cooking process to make another. She is very attached to her ritual of oatmeal and proper milky tea of a morning.


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